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With IT experience across multiple industries and in environments of all sizes for both homes and businesses, Ari Footlik's most engaging projects have been those that made everyone's day easier. Simpler. More efficient.
Sometimes (ok, often) users experience frustration with their computers.
Sometimes the network needs attention, or a one-off IT project comes up.
Sometimes your technology plans, budgets, and relationships could benefit from review.
Those occasional needs don't warrant full-time IT staff. Fortunately, Ari is well-experienced in all these disciplines. A professional technologist.
One contact - multiple hats.
LC Fractional will make your IT environment more manageable,
increasing reliability and boosting productivity.
Lake Cook Fractional IT
Your IT, Streamlined.
The list below is certainly not fully-inclusive. Ari is always up for digging into something new.
  • Internet/Wi-Fi setup
  • Computer health check / tune-up
  • Malware / virus mitigation
  • Computer setup / migration
  • File and printer sharing
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It's frustrating when your technology isn't keeping up with your pace. Whether you're on-site or or tele-commuting, Ari wants to help maximize the value of your tech investments.
  • Support services as above
  • Network infrastructure management (firewalls, switches, routers, etc.)
  • Server deployment, administration, and support
  • Vendor and service-provider oversight and coordination
Do you have a technology-related need that isn't exactly "Information Technology" in nature? Chances are Ari's done something similar, and if not, maybe you'll learn something together.
"Look, I just like to play with new toys, OK?"  --Ari  |  773-669-4407

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