SPECIAL EVENTS - Live Streaming
(Can you believe we're still talking about this?!)
Do you have a special occasion coming up that was supposed to be attended in-person by a few dozen of your closest family and friends?​​
The day of your event will be filled with details, questions, and people needing attention that only you can provide.
"Is the stream working?" doesn't need to be be one of them.
Contact me to discuss how I can help alleviate you of this burden, and please keep reading if you're interested in the story of my own streaming event.
Stay Healthy!
Scheduled long before COVID struck, the date for my eldest's Bar Mitzvah was set for mid-June, 2020.  We knew by mid-April, though, that things would play out quite differently than what we'd envisioned 13 years (even 13 weeks!) prior.
A few days before the Bar Mitzvah, we spent an afternoon rearranging our dining room to stage a scene that included details meaningful to our family.  I connected a webcam and a couple of cell-phones (as secondary/tertiary cameras) to my laptop and the service was conducted via video-conference (we’d shared a link with our guests 2 weeks prior).
We streamed a beautiful ceremony from the comfort and safety of our own home, attended virtually by clergy, family, and friends, many of whom would not have been able to join us if not for the streaming.
I'm happy to report the service went off without a hitch, and nobody watching even noticed me making the camera transitions.
Full disclosure:  I was a "techie on a mission" who already owned everything I needed, and still I spent the better part of 3 days to stage, connect, practice, plan for contingency, and execute the production.
If you have 3 days and a bunch of equipment already in-hand, I'd be happy to talk with you about what I learned from my trials and errors, then and since.
But if you want a stress-free streaming experience for both you and your virtual guests, please call and let me help you share your celebration.